Julia’s life long fascination with Chinese medicine began with acupuncture sessions that she experienced as a child. Feeling the powerful effects of treatment she remembers it as having a magical quality, which it has retained for throughout numerous years of study.

She has worked in private practice since graduating in 2005 from the Northern College of Acupuncture following four years of study. During her many years of clinical practice she has had the privilege to work with a wide range of patients whose diverse conditions have included allergies, addictions, insomnia, chronic pain and terminal illness as well as couples experiencing stress, anxiety and fertility issues.

In LA Julia also had the pleasure of studying with Dr Mikio Sankey the creator of Esoteric Acupuncture. Having completed his advanced training she is now now one of his few accredited practitioners in Europe.

Again it was during childhood that she encountered the use of Homeopathic remedies for first aid treatment and it was a desire to learn more about this system, as well as herbal medicine that in 2012 initiated a further four years of study with Dr Yubraj Sharma at the School of Shamanic Homeopathy.

Drawing together all of these approaches allows Julia to create holistic treatments that are uniquely tailored to each individual’s needs. She enjoys helping people to heal themselves by restoring, promoting and enabling them to maintain their good health.

As a member of both The British Acupuncture Council and The Association of Registered Homeopaths Julia adheres to their codes of conduct, safe practice and commitment to continuing professional development.