Autumn equinox


The temperature is dropping as the warmth of summer fades, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colour, all signs that Autumn is here. The astronomical calendar uses celestial events to mark seasonal changes, in autumns case the autumnal equinox, which in 2017 falls on September the 22nd. The equinox is the point at which, due to the planets alignment, both day and night are of roughly equal length.

In Chinese medicine autumn is associated with both the lung and large intestine, the energy of the season is organisation, setting limits and protecting boundaries. Both organs enable our bodies to take in the new and let go of the waste. One of the best things we can do for our lungs is to breathe deeply, taking in vital qi in the form of clean, crisp air. Walking outside in nature surrounded by the beautiful autumnal colours is not only enjoyable, it is a truly healing experience.

In autumn we move from the external, expansive energy of the summer months towards the internal, contractive nature of autumn. The energy of the lungs is all about letting go making this a wonderful time to mindfully release anything we might be holding onto in order to free up space for new experiences that help us to grow. Autumn is the perfect time to organise and declutter, not only will you be working in harmony with the season, you will also be strengthening the lungs function of letting go, all of which can be incredibly liberating.

Keep cosy & enjoy x

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