Spring clean


As we emerge from our winter hibernation the energy of spring encourages us to make a fresh, clean start; dusting, airing, hoovering and putting things away. A natural part of this process is reducing the amount of stuff we have by decluttering our environment, keeping that which brings joy and passing on those items that no longer serve us.

Clutter obstructs the smooth flow of energy in our environment, it distracts and disrupts focus by limiting the brains ability to process information. By clearing clutter we literally lighten the load which helps to bring calm and clarity to our space by making room for energy to flow freely.

In this way our outer organisation contributes to reducing our inner chaos meaning that spring cleaning is of benefit to both you and your home. We don’t need to read books on the subject to know that a clean organised space just feels better.

Spring is a transformative time so harness this seasonal energy to clean and clear out on every level, letting go of not just possessions but also thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. Make room for the new.

Enjoy the process!



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