Drinking hot water and the juice of half a lemon is a fantastic way to activate your mind and body first thing in the morning. Over night we often go 8 hours without fluid while our liver is actively refreshing and regenerating our bodies so this warm water and lemon is a wonderful way to rehydrate and help flush accumulated toxins from our digestive system when we first wake.

In Ayurvedic medicine the sour taste of the lemon is seen to kindle our digestive fire or Agni which then creates the warmth needed to stimulate proper stomach acid and bile production needed for good digestion and a strong metabolism.

As if this weren’t enough there’s also a little immune boost thrown in, as lemons are ultra hydrating, alkalising and electrolyte-producing as well as containing highly absorbable vitamin c, potassium and calcium.

By helping the liver and lymph to flush the body of toxins, improving digestion and containing vitamin c, drinking hot water and lemon can also lead to clearer and healthier skin.

Incorporating this simple and easy drink into your morning routine will gently aid your bodies natural detox process leaving you feeling better and brighter, plus it tastes good too!

Enjoy x



















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